Micro Mask # microscale mi-7

MSC Mi-7
  • Beschrijving

Micro Mask is als afplakband in een fles. Breng het aan, laat het drogen en snijd het in elke gewenste vorm met een scherp puntig mes en verwijder de te schilderen delen.

Micro Mask is like masking tape in a bottle, only better. Simply apply it with a brush, let dry, and cut it to any shape desired with a sharp pointed hobby knife. Peel out the part where the paint is to be applied, leaving a coating of Micro Mask covering areas that do not receive paint, and then apply your paint. However, do not use water-based paints with Micro Mask, because it is water-soluble. Note, more than one coat may be necessary to build up some depth in thickness making it more easily removed. Irregular surfaces, odd shapes, any detail that you can cut with a knife – Micro Mask is your choice for all these difficult masking challenges! There is also the added bonus of paint not creeping under Micro Mask, unlike regular masking tape. To remove Micro Mask after the paint has dried, simply rub a piece of masking tape onto the Micro Mask, and then pull it quickly away. In difficult areas, applying water to the Micro Mask will soften it, and then it can be removed with an old toothbrush.