PLW for WWII Pacific US Navy Airplanes # mig 7417

mig 7417
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Drie-delige verweringset voor US Navy vliegtuigen die gebruikt werden in de Stille Oceaan tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

Weathering set for U.S. Navy aircraft in the Pacific during World War II. Includes 2 colors from Panel Line Wash line, allowing us to easily outline the colors of these aircraft:
A.MIG-1603PLW DARK SEA BLUE, for the dark blue of upper surfaces.
A.MIG-1604 PLW PACIFIC DUST, for light blue of lower surfaces and the typical dust produced on airfields in Pacific Islands.
This set also includes the streaking effect A.MIG-1203 STREAKING GRIME which allows us realize typical dirt effects of aircraft of the US Navy in the Pacific Theater.