1/350 Battleship -Dreadnought- # zvezda 9039

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The Zvezda HMS Dreadnought WWI Battleship Model Kit in 1/350 scale from the plastic ship model range accurately recreates the famous real life British battleship that saw service during World War I.

This plastic ship kit requires paint and glue to complete. This kit contains over 300 parts, in 7 sprues, and builds to a length of 46cm.

HMS Dreadnought, an 18.110 ton battleship built at Portsmouth Dockyard, England, represented one of the most notable design transformations of the armoured warship era. Her all-big-gun main battery of ten twelve-inch guns, steam turbine power plant and 21-knot maximum speed so thoroughly eclipsed earlier types that subsequent battleships were commonly known as dreadnoughts, and the previous ones disparaged as pre-dreadnoughts. The swiftness of her construction was equally remarkable. Laid down in October 1905, she was launched in February 1906, after only four months on the ways. Dreadnought was commissioned for trials a year after her keel was laid and was completed in December 1906. Her building, trials and early service were closely watched by the World's naval authorities, including the US Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence, the source of all of our photographs of HMS Dreadnought.

The new battleship served as Flagship of the Home Fleet in 1907-1912 and remained part of that fleet thereafter. Dreadnought served with the 4th Battle Squadron in the North Sea during the first two years of World War I. On 18 March 1915, while so employed, she rammed and sank the German Submarine U-29. From May 1916, Dreadnought was flagship of the 3rd Battle Squadron, based on the Thames to counter the threat of bombardment by German battlecruisers. Placed in reserve in 1919, the once-revolutionary warship was sold for scrapping in 1922.