1/48 Tank Crew Field Maintenance Set # tamiya 32547

tamiya 32547
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Deze Tank Crew Field Maintenance voegt extra realiteit toe aan een diorama met een 1/48 Duitse WWII tank.

About the Model

  • High quality 1/48 scale German army figure and accessory set.
  • Set includes 9 figures doing various tasks in realistic standing and kneeling poses.
    Ammunition loading - 4 figures Tire repair - 1 figure
    Engine maintenance - 2 figures Painting - 1 figure Supervisor - 1 figure
  • Large selection of accurately reproduced accessories and tools included. 88mm ammunition for King Tiger (x2)
    Wooden case for 88mm ammunition for King Tiger (x2)
    88mm ammunition for Tiger I (x4)
    Wooden case for 88mm ammunition for Tiger I (x2)
    75mm ammunition for Panther (x2)
    Wooden case for 75mm ammunition for Panther (x2)
    75mm ammunition for Pz.kpfw.IV (x4)
    Wooden case for 75mm ammunition for Pz.kpfw.IV (x2)
    Oil drum (x2)
    1 each of the following accessories: Tool Kit, Ladder, Burner, Tool Bag, Wooden Crate, Hammer, Bucket, Jack Crank, Jack, Anvil, Vise, Open Tool Box, Closed Tool Box, Oil Siphon, 18 Liter Can

Requires polystyrene cement and paint to complete the model  Tank Crew Field Maintenance - 1/48 WWII German

 Main Colors:
XF-65 Field Gray, XF-15 Flat Flesh, XF-1 Flat Black

Paint Colors Suggested:    
  X-11 - Chrome Silver
  X-12 - Gold Leaf
  XF-1 - Flat Black
  XF-15 - Flat Flesh
  XF-16 - Flat Aluminum
  XF-3 - Flat Yellow
  XF-49 - Khaki
  XF-56 - Metallic Grey
  XF-57 - Buff
  XF-6 - Copper
  XF-64 - Red Brown
  XF-65 - Field Grey

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