1/35 Soviet Tank T-55A # tamiya 35257

tamiya 35257
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De productie van de T55 begon in 1958 toen de tegenstellingen tussen westerse landen en de Sovjet-Unie groeide.

De tank was gemakkelijk te produceren en bevatte een schuine voorkant, een compacte romp en een semi-sferische koepel om de kwetsbaarheid te beperken. De T-55 was goed gewapend met een 100mm kanon. In de vroege jaren '60 werd de T-55A werd de tank voor ABC oorlogsvoering aangepast. De T-55 en T-55A werden ook onder licentie gebouwd door Tsjecho-Slowakije en Polen en sommige kregen verbeterde apparatuur resulterend in veel sub-types. De T-55 productie werd voortgezet tot in de late jaren 70 en gebruikt door de legers van meer dan 40 landen. Het werd gebruikt in diverse oorlogen zoals in het Midden-Oosten en de Golfoorlog. Hij wordt nog steeds gebruikt in sommige landen.


About the T-55A

The low clearance chassis has been replicated down to the finest detail, even the cast iron surface of the tank has been faithfully recreated. The characteristic half sphere turret and powerful 100mm cannon are faithfully portrayed. Not a detail has been spared, even with finer parts such as the engine grill and cast iron wheels. This kit will let you choose between two extensively used types for assembly, the T-55A with anti-radiation armoring and the DShK-M anti-aircraft machinegun. And the options don�t stop there. The modeler can also chose parts for replication of the tank as it was produced in Communist Russia, or Czechoslovakia and Poland with river crossing snorkel and headlight. Decals for recreation of 5 different tanks are planned to be included in the kit. One tank commander figure posted on cupola is also planned to be featured in kit.

T-55 production began in 1958, as opposition between western countries and the Soviet Union grew. It was easy to produce and featured an oblique front hull wall, a compact hull and a semi-spherical turret to limit vulnerability. The T-55 was also well armed with a 100mm main gun. In the early 60's, the T-55A with anti-radiation internal liner and anti-radiation cover on the tank commander cupola was developed. T-55 and T-55A were also license built by Czechoslovakia and Poland and some received various improved equipment resulting in many sub-types. T-55 production continued until the late 70's and equipped the armies of over 40 countries. It was used in various wars such as the Middle-East Wars and the Gulf War and is still in service today in some countries.

About the model
  • Tamiya presents the 1/35 scale plastic assembly kit of the Russian Medium Tank T-55A.
  • The unique form of this tank has been accurately replicated.
  • You can choose between several versions, with or without a DShK-M anti-aircraft machinegun, of the T-55 and T-55A.
  • You will also be able to represent Polish or Czechoslovakian built versions.
  • Every characteristic of the T-55A such as the engine grills and external fuel tanks has been reproduced down to the finest details.
  • One tank crew chief figure and decals for 5 different markings are included.

Requires polystyrene cement and paint to complete the model Russian Medium Tank T-55A

Paint Colors Suggested: 
  X-10 - Gun Metal
  X-11 - Chrome Silver
  X-18 - Semi Gloss Black
  XF-1 - Flat Black
  XF-15 - Flat Flesh
  XF-49 - Khaki
  XF-56 - Metallic Grey
  XF-64 - Red Brown

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