1/35 German 88mm Flak 36 # tamiya 35283

tamiya 35283
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Het Flak 36 afweergeschut maakte zijn beruchte debuut in een anti-tank rol bij Halfaya tijdens de Slag om Sollum (Operation Battleaxe) in juni 1941.

Vurend vanaf verborgen locaties vernietigden zij 123 van de 238 aanvallende Britse tanks. De Duitsers beweerden met elke afgevuurde "88" granaat een Britse tank te hebben uitgeschakels op Halfaya. De Flak 36 kanonnen werden in Afrika gebruikt als anti-tank en luchtafweer geschut en vormden het gevaarlijkste wapen van het Afrika Korps.

Image shows assembled and painted model kit. Display base not included.

The Fearsome Eighty-Eight One of the most well-known stories of WWII involved an interrogation of a captured British tank crewman after the battle at Halfaya Pass. "In my opinion," he said, "it is unfair to use flak against our tanks." A German artilleryman nearby responded "Fine, but I think it most unfair of you to attack with tanks whose armor nothing but an 88 will penetrate." Starting life as an anti-aircraft artillery piece, the superb anti-tank capabilities of the gun became legendary when they were used to defeat the heavily armored British Matilda tanks in the North African desert.

About the 88mm Flak 36


The German 88mm Flak is one of the most famous artillery pieces of WWII. Designed to combat high-altitude aircraft, it was first pressed into the anti-tank role during the invasion of France in 1940, and proved to be extremely capable. The gun went on to strike fear into the hearts of Allied tank crews in Russia and North Africa.

About the Model High-quality 1/35 scale assembly kit of the German 88mm Flak 36 in the service in North African theatre. 8 artillery crew figures included for great diorama possibilities. Extra features such as KS750 motorcycle, ammunition rack, shells, and range finder included for a realistic display. 3 types of markings included, and decals are included to depict uniform insignias.

Requires polystyrene cement and paint to complete the model German 88mm Gun Flak36 "North African Campaign"

Main Colors: XF-60 Dark Yellow, XF-59 Desert Yellow, XF-57 Buff, XF-15 Flat Flesh

Requires polystyrene cement and paint to complete the model German 88mm Gun Flak36 "North African Campaign"

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