1/35 Leopard 2A6 # tamiya 35271

tamiya 35271
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De laatste verbetering aan de Leopard 2 is een nieuw ontworpen 55 kaliber 120mm kanon met gladde loop als belangrijkste wapen.

Met een 1.3m langere loop dan de 44 kaliber van zijn voorganger, de Leopard 2 A5, biedt het nieuwe wapen van de 2 A6 een hogere mondingssnelheid voor een groter bereik en hogere penetratie. De beveiliging van de 2 A6 werd verder verbeterd door de wigvormige bepantsering van de koepel en bescherming tegen chemische wapens. Daarnaast werden verbeteringen aan het elektrische vuurleidingsysteem en de stabilisatie doorgevoerd.

Newly designed 55 caliber 120mm main gun

Measuring 1.3m longer than the 44 caliber main gun of its predecessor, the Leopard 2 A5, the new gun of the 2 A6 provides higher projectile velocity for increased range and penetration.
Transparent parts

In order to obtain an even more realistic appearance, goggles for figures, headlights and taillights are all reproduced using transparent parts.

4 different types of markings

The Leopard 2 A6 kit includes decals to reproduce up to 4 different types of markings, including NATO versions used in Kosovo. This kit also features extra road signs for reproduction of realistic diorama.

About the model

1/35 scale plastic assembly kit Overall length: 314mm Accurately reproduced long 55 caliber main gun adds to sense of power. 2 newly designed half body figures (commander and loader) included in kit. Goggles for figures, headlights and taillights reproduced using transparent parts.
A set of photo-etched parts also available (sold separately)

1/35 Leopard 2 A5/A6 Photo-Etched Parts Set

ITEM 35272

These photo etched parts for the 1/35 Scale Leopard 2 A5 and Leopard 2 A6 have been designed to more accurately reproduce the two storage buckets at the rear of the tank turret. Photo etched parts are to be used in place of the mesh netting supplied standard with kit. Made from stainless steel, these parts will not weather like standard brass photo etched parts. They also have been designed a lot thinner, allowing them to be easily wrapped around the bucket frame. Easy to use for an impressive look.

Requires polystyrene cement and paint to complete the model Leopard 2 A6 Main Battle Tank


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