Zvezda 3611 - Soviet Tank Hunters with dogs

1/35 Soviet Tank Hunters with dogs # zvezda 3611 NML

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In 1941-1942 because of high deficiency of anti-tank means the Soviet army had been used for fighting against the German tanks

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more than 60 thousands dogs trained in accordance with the special program and equipped with fixed on back tarpaulin bag carrying 2-4 kgs of explosives with antenna type exploder. It was enough for antenna to touch a metal for explode. Dogs were trained to run rapidly under a tank from short distance, so it quickly came into the dead zone of tank’s machine gun. Machine gunner had not enough time to point and fire such small and quick target. The first battalion of dogs fighting against tanks was sent to front in July of 1941. During the war those dogs destroyed more than 300 fascist tanks. Just during the battle of Stalingrad special troops of the 62nd army under the command of major Kunin and senior lieutenant Shantsev hit and burnt the whole enemy\'s tank brigade – 63 tanks and 2 armoured cars. As far as army was supplied with anti-tank artillery necessity in dogs fighting against tanks was reducing, and in October of 1943 such troops were disband. Remained dogs were redirected for mine searching tasks.