Hobby Boss 80247 - F-84G Thunderjet

1/72 American F-84G Thunderjet # hobby boss 80247

Hobby Boss
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The Republic Aviation Company F-84 “Thunderjet” was a turbojet fighter-bomber aircraft.


Originating as a USAF proposal for a daytime fighter 1944. The F-84 first flew in 1946 and it entered service in 1947.When production of the F-84 was close in 1953, about 4457 had been built, including 6 different versions.
The definitive straight-wing F-84 was the F-84G which entered service in 1951. It was equipped with a more powerful engine that provided fast speed, longer range and armaments capacity. And the ability to carry a single Mark 7 nuclear bomb.The F-84G was retired from USAF in the mid-1960s.