Micro Coat Satin # microscale mi-5

  • Beschrijving

De Micro Coat Satin afwerking is meer dan alleen een mooie toplaag. Dit is een slijtvaste afwerking en een echte doorbraak in een moderne formule van op water gebaseerde acrylharsen.

Voor modellen die veel van hand tot hand gaan is dit het antwoord.

Of course, the main reason to use Micro Coat Finishes is that they are the ideal way to insure that your Microscale Decals perform at their full potential for realism. This way they do very well by hiding the edge of the decals carrier film. Micro Coat Gloss gives you a “'wet look” shine that replicates the new synthetic paint used on the real thing. It is also the answer for a glossy base necessary for decaling all the Micro Coat Finishes use the same water clear acrylic resin, which is rough and flexible and adheres strongly to paint and plastic. The finish should last at least twenty years under ordinary conditions, for models this should be forever? This product should be airbrushed for best results. You can dilute the Micro Coat finishes with distilled water by 10 to 15% for air brushing.

For clean up, before it is completely dry, ordinary warm tap water with a little detergent works great. If you put 3 inches of water in a container beside you while you are spraying you can clean up instantly by removing your paint supply and running water through the airbrush while operating it in the container immersed in water. This is quick and easy and makes no mess. It is especially handy if you are doing a lot of spraying with time in between.

It is recommended to use about 25 lbs psi. or more of air pressure to your airbrush. The job comes out smoother and dries' faster. For those who do not air brush, you can use a brush for application of your desire and thinning procedures may not be needed? Apply like you would do for lacquers, use single strokes in one direction and feather lightly. Do not brush in or you will leave brush strokes. There are times in touch up phase or detail work where you may use this technique.